Infatuation - Aki Tora

Infatuation -  Aki Tora
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“Kicking it with a melody, inspirited with memories and reveries taking me to the places I crave and gaze upon critically.”

Voice tones, stories, chords, and melodies keep Laz on track, connected to some Lady Alien Zone (L.A.Z.), an intuitive realm through past, present and future. From Leonard Cohen to Kendrick Lamar, Bob Marley to Erykah Badu, Johnny Cash to Travis Scott, Youssoupha to Damso, the music that inspired Laz early on lives in the work. Raised between a Californian psychoanalyst mom and a Belgian philosopher dad, this engaging intellectual atmosphere helped shape Laz's mind. However, Laz prefers to sojourn in musical spheres. Rapping in both English and French, with skillful flow and soulful voice--from bass to tenor--evocative lyrics make up the core of THIS unique sound.

The fundamentals of Hip Hop and Rap project the truth in the voice of the oppressed. Laz uses his voice as an ally by exposing the blissful ignorance of the ruling class, who in reality owe their lifestyle to the oppressed. His first releases, “Heaven all Day” and the EP “The Island”, are about the privileged life he leads. What Laz calls the “four leaf clover island” thrives off exploitation. produced by BONI, a longtime collaborator. A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla and the new waves merging Jazz and Hip Hop characterize the smooth soundscapes of “The Island”. The next EP is an emotional journey through a relationship and breakup. While blue jazz notes were instrumental to his first project, the first single off the EP, “Infatuation,” captures the idealization of love lived through rose-colored glasses. When Laz is betrayed by his girlfriend, he cannot let go, and begins to wonder whether it is love… or infatuation. Produced by CoryaYo, who has worked with artists such as Milo, G-Eazy and the Hip Hop duo Audio Push.

While at Wesleyan University, Laz performed multiple times, opening for artists such as established singer/musician Yeek and rising artist Mamadou. The performance he is most proud of is the "Tiny Shed Concert" organized by a student group at Wesleyan University. He led an amazing band, and performed his songs with the help of incredible singer Daphne Gampel. This year, Laz is back in Paris, France, focused on craft and art with determination.



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