Ramona is a singer and songwriter, with classical music as educational background while also being a communication specialist, holistic life coach and published author. Her intention is to transmit knowledge through music while expressing profound messages in a light-hearted manner that is more accessible.

Whether we are aware or not, everything influences us, absolutely everything, and words as well as sound, have a very big impact on our lives and well-being. There were studies made on the effects that the words and intention have on water (see Masaru Emoto's experiment) and the human body is composed of a very large percentage of water. In addition, everything reaches our subconscious mind, influencing our lives.
More and more people are becoming aware of what they consume, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. 

The music and lyrics of the songs we listen to have a huge impact on our subconscious. Share the LOVE contains affirmations that can generate a state of well-being, security, connection and love.

This is nldsolutions

This is what Urban Digital Radio is supposed to sound like. We spin the whole record with no talking over it. We play Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Reggae, Funk, Urban Jazz, Pop, Ol' Skool, and Gospel.
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