MARC ABEL NDEMBA professionally known as MARCUS VISION, He is an R n B singer, song writer, guitar player and music producer.

He is originally from Congo and currently residing in Cape Town South Africa.

He was born on 28 November 1990 in Republic Democratic of Congo and he is the first born in family of eight(8) members.

He started his singing career in choir as gospel singer, in 2008 he wrote his first love song, in 2010 he moved to South Africa where he continued his singing career.

He get his most inspiration from R Kelly, Ne-yo, Usher and Mary care.

His focus is on love songs and little bit of POP music, love songs represent his world.

In his career, he has performed in few events, weddings and birth day parties, that gave him more inspiration to carry on with music. he loves to make people happy and inspire them through his love songs.



Cell number: +27815851128

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