Who is Kool Weather?

Kool Weather - Closure

Better known by the people as “Kool.” A vibe, A classic creator, A songwriter who thinks outside the box cause there is no box. Born on the Westbank of New Orleans Kool is most recognized for his ability to pen songs that paint vivid pictures, over melodic beats that transport his listeners to wherever Kool wants to take them. 

His organic vibe is exposed through his metaphors and wavy writing style. His lyrics will draw any listener in and have them hungry for more. “There’s a certain level of pride that I take in writing music because I see music as its own language - without a filter." 

This year is going to bring a lot of fresh creativity for Kool Weather fans if his first single “closure” is any indication of what he’s got in store for us. Kool is one to watch out for. 


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