JT Cotton Drops New Single July 3rd - Over

JT Cotton - Over

 Inspired by God and family JT Cotton has been blessed with gifts of love, music, and motivation. As a Recording Artist, He has been able to touch and gain thousands of fans from all around the world. " In a recent interview JT says, "Anyone that really listens to my music, knows who I am, knows what I stand for, and knows what's on my heart." 

JT is someone that lives and breathes music. Songs like "Moment Of Appreciation" make a huge statement showing that real R&B is still alive!...

Go to jtcotton.hearnow.com for purchase and streaming links (update weekly) for my new R&B record "Over" which releases Saturday July 3rd.

Thanks for sharing, supporting me, and most importantly getting behind the gift the God has given me to give to all of you around the world!!!

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