Impatience by Nyasia Chanel

 Artist Nyasia Chane'l releases debut album 'Clubhouse No. 7' OUT NOW! 

With a soulful, buttery voice and soothing RnB beats, Nyasia Chane'l is taking the music industry by storm with her debut extended release, 'Clubhouse No. 7'. Already an RnB, pop infused sensation, Chane'l has carefully crafted an EP brimming with tales of love, relationships, and the rounds of emotions when love ends. Intending to invoke feelings of familiarity within her listeners, Nyasia Chane'l is destined to make waves with this groove inducing release. 

"With 'Clubhouse No. 7', I endeavored to chronicle the many phases of a relationship from red hot emotions of a new romantic coupling to coming to grips with one's own self-worth when that relationship ends." In 2020, Nyasia Chane'l achieved significant success with the release of her politically charged dancehall fueled anthem 'Can't Stop Us' garnering major radio attention in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Jamaica the United Kingdom and more. 

Last year, while debuting 'Can't Stop Us', Hot 97's legendary radio personality Bobby Konders said "Nyasia's voice is incredible but the message is even more incredible". That statement illustrates Nyasia's rationale for expression; she feels that music and art should be used to generate authentic conversations. After such a strong showing by an independent artist, Nyasia pivoted at the beginning of 2021 with a record that touched on love, life and human failure. 'Clubhouse No. 7' is the next chapter in which Chane'l will again prove her outstanding talent and ability to resonate with her listeners. 

On Valentine's Day earlier this year, Nyasia Chane'l released ‘Scandalous Valentine’, a sizzling R&B gem that quickly became a fan favorite impacting radio, spawning a successful fan driven contest and reggae backed remix (‘Scandalous Valentine, Pt. 2’) which is a re-working of the classic Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill Classic ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’. With the success of ‘Scandalous Valentine’ Nyasia’s fans, and the music industry at large was ready for the release of her debut official EP entitled ‘Clubhouse No. 7’. Nyasia Chane'l set out to craft a body work that speaks to the various moods and moments in the daily lives of the average person specifically to women. 

The project was recorded mostly during the pandemic in Nyasia's home studio, which her parents had built. Nyasia worked with her collaborators via zoom, facetime and other methods being that the world was on lock down. Working with her executive producer Jayson "JDidda" Butler they brought in several talented writers and producers to help with the project. Some of the artist are veteran musicians such as Everton "Kehv" Smith, Louis Heriveaux, Portiay, Blues legend Slam Allen, as well as newcomers such as Lebanese based R&B star Bea Kadri, hip hop artist Laywills, producer FrankDownNorth, and Rachel Hendricks, all contributed to help Nyasia tell a story that so many can relate to. 

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